1. How did you hear about WOPN?

2. First and Last Name

3. Company Name

4. Address

5. Phone

6. Email

7. General Excise Tax License No. 

8. Years in Business

9. Company Merits (if applicable)

10. 10-word Business Description

11. What do you hope to gain from joining WOPN?

12. Business Reference (include contact name, company and phone number)

13. Are you or is your company willing to participate in events, expos, tradeshows and other shows?

14. Are you or is your company willing to volunteer at community events?

*Please copy and paste these questions with your answers and send directly to: info@westoahuprofessionalnetwork.com. Mahalo!



Aloha and mahalo for your interest in joining West Oahu Professional Network (WOPN).  To join WOPN, simply attend one of our social business mixers. After your visit, if you enjoyed it copy the WOPN Application questions below and email your answers directly to us at info@westoahuprofessionalnetwork.com or use the form below to submit your Membership Application.     

In accepting to join WOPN, I agree:
1. To have my company listed on various marketing publications, social media and online on the WOPN website.
2. To provide complete information about my company as outlined in the WOPN application.

3. To make a commitment to attend the monthly business mixers and if I cannot attend, I will send a representative.

4. To invite others to join WOPN.

5. To actively look for opportunities for WOPN to giveback into the community.